I have over ten years of experience playing the violin for weddings throughout North Carolina, Massachusetts (including Boston, Brookline, and Newton) and Rhode Island. I have played for the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and for the reception afterward.

Depending on the type of sound the client is seeking I can play either solo violin or chamber music (quartets, trios, or duets). Sometimes having a solo violin is the perfect choice for an intimate wedding ceremony, especially if the wedding is indoors and the acoustics are complimentary to the solo instrument. Although solo violin is ideal for an indoor ceremony, I have also played solo violin for outdoor weddings of over 300 people and used an amplifier. I have also played many weddings as a string quartet if the couple is seeking the different colors offered by a chamber ensemble. Both options can be quite beautiful.

I am more than happy to send you a list of music selections that have been popular with other clients in order for you to explore what pieces and genres of music would best suit your taste.
Please see my blog for details on my most recent weddings.