Wedding Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod, MA

The next day I was off to Cape Cod to play another wedding ceremony.  This one was an absolute pleasure.  I arrived to a beautiful mansion with an outdoor patio section with lounging furniture, cocktails, and palm trees.  There was even an elevator outside to take you to the different levels of the resort!  I felt like I had arrived at a palace!

Although the resort was absolutely lovely, the best part of this wedding was the fact that the bride and groom were so incredibly in love.  They were a little older than the couples I usually play for and you could tell they had waited their entire lives to meet the right person.  They were two very patient people who knew themselves so well.

While I was waiting for the ceremony to begin, the bride’s best friend (who was also the officiant), told me that the groom had cried the night before at the rehearsal dinner because he was filled with so much joy.  I thought to myself, “I hope when I get married, my husband will feel that way about me.”



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