Two Recent Weddings

Last week I played the violin for two weddings (one wedding was in Boston and the other was in Rhode Island). The first one was for Tim Gant and Scott Perry. They were wonderful to work with – so kind and genuine. It was at the Clarendon Inn in Boston’s South End. It was a beautiful brownstone and there were only about 15 guests or so – very intimate.

Then, last weekend I played a wedding in Middletown, Rhode Island. It was at the Sweetberry Farm. I got to the wedding a couple of hours early and ate lunch at Flos near the water. Of course, this was the day before the Hurricane hit the coast so it was quite an adventure. The wedding was supposed to be outside, but because of the weather we had a tent over us. I was glad that I brought an amplifier with me because there were about 200 people there and being outside, it would have been hard to hear the one violin among that many people talking. After the wedding I made sure to pick some raspberries and eat those before leaving – all in all, it was a fun day and the bride and groom seemed to be having a great time.