A Wedding Day with My Best Friend

This wedding was special because I got to spend the day with my best friend, who went with me to the wedding at the Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, New Hampshire.  My friend is also a violinist and she is interested in learning the business of wedding freelancing.  We decided that it would be good for her to observe what I do at a wedding gig.

We headed out in the morning to the Wrentham outlets to return a couple of things and shop around a little before heading to the wedding.  Unfortunately, on the way there, we found ourselves stuck in the middle of traffic that was heading toward the Kenny Chesney Concert. (We are both from the South – and moved to Boston to get away from that whole scene…we couldn’t believe our luck!) We sat in the same mile radius for about an hour – and we were only left with 30 minutes at the outlets.  I was so disappointed.  Here was a day that was supposed to be a “fun girls day out” and it was quickly becoming a timed chore to return my shoes and get back in the car for two hours for the wedding.  At least after that we stopped by Wendy’s – which made both of us feel a little better.

The wedding was in a beautiful location and everyone was so helpful and on top of things (which is so often not the case).  I told my friend that this would be a great learning experience for her because we would probably have trouble finding the wedding coordinator and there would be no one designated for sending people down the isle – I usually have to take things into my own hands when I arrive since there are a million little details that need to be straightened out in order for the ceremony to run smoothly and I was so ready to share these skills with my friend.  To the contrary, the mother of the bride recognized me right away, the wedding coordinator came up to me moments later and we confirming all the details, and the wedding party started on time.  I told my friend, “well, it’s not usually this easy, but that was great!”


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