September 3rd Wedding

So yesterday was quite an experience at my second Middletown, Rhode Island wedding.  I arrived an hour and a half early and went to Flos (again) for their hotdogs and fried clams…it was delicious.

When it was time to set up for the wedding I realized that the wind was incredibly strong – being right next to the water.  So I did my best to secure the music stand to the ground with my violin case and hold the music onto the stand with paper clips.  The music stand held (barely) – but my hair was plastered to my face the entire time. Needless to say, I decided to just play all of the music from memory –  closing my eyes rather than re-securing the music for each piece.  It was a great test for my memory!  The wedding went well though, and the bride was very complimentary and seemed pleased – always something I like to see : )

On the way home I stopped at IKEA to get some kitchen supplies – and I couldn’t resist the hotdogs at 50 cents each…making my total consumption of hotdogs for the day Four!  I think I will be eating salads exclusively for the next couple of days ~







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